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The Sea and Coastal Research (ZKO) programme was a NWO Earth and Life Sciences (ALW) funded initiative focusing on the scientific analysis of five societal challenges related to a sustainable use of sea and coastal zones. These five main challenges are safety, economic yield, nature, spatial planning & development and water quality. Research done within this programme focused on strengthening the understanding and knowledge of coastal development.

General information on the structure and organization of the ZKO programme can be found on the ZKO NWO website.

The ZKO Data Portal (this site) contains direct links to the data and publications resulting from the complete ZKO programme, as well information on all ZKO sub-programmes and individual ZKO projects.

Data can be found using the ‘Datasets’-tab on the left-hand menu.
Publications can be found using the ‘Publications’-tab on the left-hand menu.
Information on the sub-programmes and on the individual projects can be found using the ‘Browse by programme’ and the ‘Individual projects’ tabs. These can also be used to search for and find datasets and publications resulting from a particular sub-programme or project.
Some datasets require a password to be accessed. Passwords may be obtained from the PI of a project by filling out the form or emailing the PI by using the ’ Mail the scientist or author of the dataset’ link.

Please adhere to the ZKO Data Policy (in Dutch only) and correctly reference the data to its originators.

For more information concerning ZKO Data Management please contact:

T.F. de Bruin   (Head of Data Management Group)
Tel. +31 (0)222 369 479

For general information on ZKO please contact:

Dr. J.A. Wouda (NWO-ALW)
Tel. +31 (0)70 344 06 87