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No (formal) information is found to show to you.

Probably there is no dataset avalable (yet), or the scientist didn't want to make the dataset available through the ZKO-portal.
In some rare occassions some files are found on the server. These will be shown in the table above, but there is no information in the database. These files can be accessed as normal.

   Dataset is on a external server.
You may need a password to access the dataset.
    Request access to the dataset-files (contact-form).
   Use the download-icon to download the file(s),
or get access to a dataset on a external server.
For restricted files you will be asked for a password.
    Mail the scientist or author of the dataset

If you are interested in non public data, please contact the scientist. Use the key-icon after the dataset name to open a request-form. If you have questions about the data, use the enveloppe-icon on the same row and fill in the question form. For general or technical questions you can ask the management of this portal.
Sometimes a dataset is announced, but not yet delivered to us. In this case the dataset is reported as being on an external server, without a possibility to download. Feel free to contact the scientist if or when a copy of the data is available. You can use the key icon () to open a request from.

Due to the privacy laws, no contact information can be provided.

Please use the contact form to send a mail. Please don't forget to include your email address.

Contact datacenter for general information.
Please note: Internet Explorer can not download large files. The maximum filesize depends on the version you use. As alternative you can use Download Firefox or Download Chrome.