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Dataset : Interactions between benthic communities and local rescource conditions:bival...

Dataset details

Dataset author : S. Donadi
Title : Interactions between benthic communities and local rescource conditions:bivalves, polychaetes and sediment stability
Keyword(s) :Cockles cerastoderma-edule, Wadden sea, ecosystem engineers, facilitation, hydrodynamics, lugworm arenicola-marina, mussel mytilus-edulis
Programme :ZKO - Carrying Capacity: Line 3
Related project(s) :Wadden engine (A human-driven regime shift through the loss of ecosystem engineers: consequences for the trophic structure and recovery potential of the Wadden Sea ecosystem)
Wadden engine, part 1 (System-level integration: spatial dynamics of ecosystem-engineer-based foodwebs in the Wadden Sea)
Type of data : Field experiment
Owner Organisation : University of Groningen
Datastorage organisation : NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Texel

General information

Period : From 01 Apr 2010 until 30 May 2010
Description : Data for two experiments conducted in a intertidal eastern Dutch Wadden sea area. The mass and abundances of zoo and macrobenthic species were collected. Chlorophyll and algal cover was also recorded.
Dataset created on : 28 Oct 2015
Last updated on : 09 Dec 2015
State of progress : Completed

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