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 Detail  Author  Title  Type of dataset 
     Liu (Q.X. )Aggregation and control of carrying capacity in intertidal communitiesExperiment
     Heide (T. Van der)System-level integration: spatial dynamics of ecosystem-engineer-based foodwebs in the Wadden SeaField experiment
     Donadi (S.)Interactions between benthic communities and local rescource conditions:bivalves, polychaetes and sediment stabilityField experiment
     Zee (E. M. van der)A regime shift of benthic organisms in the Wadden Sea: causes and consequences for higher trophic levelsField experiment
     Elschot (K.)Unraveling interacting feedback loops that control non-linear salt-marsh dynamics: combining experiments and modelingField experiment
     Veer (H. W. van der)Structure and trophic functioning of Wadden Sea fish fauna, an integrated programme: the monitoring part (Fishing Survey)Field survey
     Clargo (N.M.)Basinwide North Sea survey in summer 2011, in time series of summers 2002-2005-2008Field survey
     Couperus (A.S.C.)Pilot acoustic survey - Nautical Area Scattering Coefficient by LayerField survey
     Poll (W. H. van de)Phytoplankton pigments - STRATIPHYTField survey
     Burson (A.M.O.)The role of resource limitation in shaping phytoplankton community compositionField survey
     Bale (N. J.)Identification of key players in the nitrogen cycle and their diversityField survey
     Mojica (K. D. A.)STRATIPHYT: Subproject 3Field survey
     Brummer (G. J. A.)INATEX: Tracing past to modern Indo-Atlantic ocean exchange in sedimentary recordField survey
     Taha (I. A. O. )Percentage of occurrence of prokaryotesField survey
     Fan (H.)Rate measurements of key processes of the nitrogen cycleField survey
     Brenner (H.)Benthic-Pelagic Coupling: The impact of sedimentary alkalinity release on the water column CO2 system in the North SeaField survey
     Dijkstra (H.A.)Changes in vertical stratification and their impact on phytoplankton communitiesField survey
     Hagens (M.)Annual cycle of pH in the North Sea: documenting and elucidating the governing factorsField survey