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 Detail  Author  Title  Type of dataset 
     Hulten (M.M.P. Van)Aluminium and Manganese in the West Atlantic OceanModelling
     Le Bars (D.)High-resolution ocean and global climate modelling - Agulhas Current retroflection and leakageModelling
     Liu (Q.X. )Aggregation and control of carrying capacity in intertidal communitiesExperiment
     Manola (I.)Simulated data from the coupled climate model EC-EarthModelling
     Mojica (K. D. A.)STRATIPHYT: Subproject 3Field survey
     Neo (E.)Effects of underwater noise on fish and marine mammals in the North SeaLab experiment
     Poll (W. H. van de)Phytoplankton pigments - STRATIPHYTField survey
     Ponsoni (L. )East Madagascar Current System - Velocity dataMonitoring
     Ruardij (P.R.)Wadden Sea ecosystem data assimilation and integrated modelling, Modelling higher trophic levels - [Wadden Sea Ecosystem]Modelling
     Taha (I. A. O. )Percentage of occurrence of prokaryotesField survey
     Veer (H. W. van der)Structure and trophic functioning of Wadden Sea fish fauna, an integrated programme: the monitoring part (Fishing Survey)Field survey
     Veer (H. W. van der)Intertidal survey of macrozoobenthos in the Western Wadden SeaMonitoring
     Zee (E. M. van der)A regime shift of benthic organisms in the Wadden Sea: causes and consequences for higher trophic levelsField experiment