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Project: Macrozoobenthos and Birds - Monitoring abundance, composition, development and spatial variation in macro...

List of sub-projects

 Detail  Project number  Acronym  Title  Organisation  Start date  End date  Sub-projects 
     83908251Macrozoobenthos and Birds - part 1Intertidal survey of macrozoobenthos in the Western Wadden SeaNIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Texel01 Jan 200901 Jan 20130
     83908252Macrozoobenthos and Birds - part 2Subtidal survey of selected bivalve species in the Western Wadden Sea and mapping of biogenic structures in intertidal and subtidal areasIMARES, Wageningen UR, Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies, Texel01 Jan 20090
     83908253Macrozoobenthos and Birds - part 3Monitoring and modelling the spatio-temporal distribution of wadersUniversity of Amsterdam, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) (Main Office)01 Jan 200931 Dec 20130